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Several months ago we began offering a new product for in-office teeth whitening, Opalescence Boost.  What we love about the product is within 1.5-2 hours, teeth can be significantly brightened with little to no sensitivity or messy trays to deal with at home!  This treatment can greatly enhance your smile and tends to be fast and comfortable with the results typically lasting 4-5 years.  We’ve had several patients that have been thrilled with their results and decided it would be fun to share one on the blog today!

Three weeks ago we had a patient come in who wanted to improve the look of their front teeth.  The patient’s main concern was they felt that their teeth had always appeared yellow in color.  The shade of the teeth combined with a chip out of one of the central incisors had created a situation where they had begun to try to hide their teeth when smiling.  The patient had previously undergone orthodontic treatment to have their teeth aligned, and they had no untreated cavities.  They did have a history of some tooth sensitivity when consuming cold food and beverages.  

After consulting with the patient about different whitening options, they decided they wanted to try the new in-office option.  We also planned that after the whitening was completed we would add bonding to their tooth to fix the chipped area.  Generally it is better to complete whitening prior so that the filling shade will match the final shade of the teeth.

Boost whitening is placed in 3 separate 20 minute increments all during the same appointment.  We had the patient put on their headphones and bring a good book to stay entertained while waiting during these increments.  We used a cheek re-tractor to keep their soft tissue out of the way and used a special block-out material to cover their gums and any recessed or sensitive area of the teeth.  After the preparation was complete we applied the BOOST whitening formula, which contains 40% Hydrogen Peroxide.  

The patient ended the treatment approximately three shades whiter than they started. They were excited with the results and commented that they felt the results would inspire them in the future to take better care of their teeth!  After the whitening treatment we took about 20 minutes to add some resin composite to the area of their front tooth that had a chip in it.  We were both happy with how things looked and we dismissed the patient with their goals accomplished.  Overall, the treatment was very simple and no sensitivity afterwards was reported.  The patient did report high satisfaction and a real boost in confidence afterwards, but you can see the results for yourself below!

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