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New Dental Chairs from A-dec are on the way :)

Greetings friends!  

          I recently decided that I would try to start writing and posting a bit of a blog on our website.  My goal is just to take a few minutes about twice a month and provide an update on our dental clinic, dentistry in general, interesting cases, and even a few random things from my life outside of dentistry!  My hope is that I can provide some insight and education to my patients and others who may be interested in learning about dentistry and best practices!

A few weeks ago, my office manager (who just happens to be my wife, Natalie), and I  traveled to Newberg Oregon to visit the A-dec educational facility and check out several options of new dental chairs we are hoping to add to our practice before the end of the year.  A-dec is one of the largest dental furniture manufacturers in the world! Our guide through the showroom is named Ken Natori.  He comes from a long line of dentists and was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I particularly found his explanations of proper ergonomics for dentists to be fascinating.  Before entering the field of dentistry I never thought about the physical toll that dentists put themselves through as they work on patients daily.  To an outsider, dentistry may not seem all that physically demanding, but the positions that dentists must sit in daily can be unnatural and are the source of many work related injuries over time.  Ken explained to us that over ⅓ of dentists sustain a work related injury that can end their career prematurely while practicing.  Fortunately, the tools and equipment that we use are constantly getting better and work to alleviate some of the ergonomic stress.  From Loupes (the glasses we use to magnify the tooth we are working on), to headlights, to the delivery unit that we use for our handpieces and air and water, and even the chairs themselves, each element of an office can be optimized to help dentists have a long and sustained career.

And, it’s not all about the dentist’s comfort, new equipment continues to enhance a patient’s comfort and experience in the dental environment!  From the upholstery to quieter motors, a lot of thought is put into every aspect for the patient’s benefit.  Dental chairs have become more comfortable and hygienic over time, easier to get in and out of, and longer lasting.  

When my wife, Natalie and I purchased the practice in August this last year, we felt so lucky to have found a location in the community where I was born and raised.  I know the people of the Matanuska Valley well and love being a part of a great dental team here.  We also shared a commitment to improving our patient’s experience each year, and we wanted to start in 2021 with updating our clinic’s look and updating some of the major equipment.  We started in January by renovating our sterilization area, and this fall we are excited to redo most of our operatories.  We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

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